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Discover Indunexo HK’s selection of top industrial automation components available globally. We offer expert support, quality products, and competitive prices, serving all industries from our bases in Miami and Wenzhou. 

Premier Industrial Automation Commerce Hub

Indunexo HK sources a diverse array of high-quality industrial automation components worldwide, specializing in valves, sensors, and switches for enhancing industry operations and efficiency.

Wide Range of Automation Components

Offers a diverse selection of industrial automation parts including valves, switches, sensors, and connectors for various applications.

Quality and Durability

All products are meticulously chosen to ensure a balance of quality and durability, suitable for demanding industrial environments.

Advanced Technical Specifications

Products feature advanced technical specifications, catering to sophisticated and specialized industrial automation needs.

Global Product Sourcing

Sources high-performance industrial components globally, ensuring access to the best products for integration and distribution.

Highly Reliable
Precision Engineered
Durable Construction

Pioneering Industrial Automation

Indunexo HK connects manufacturers with global clients in the industrial automation sector, including integrators and distributors. Our specialized engineers ensure the highest quality and value, backed by a multilingual team and strategic locations in the USA and China for effective global distribution.

Explore Our Product Categories

Discover our comprehensive range of industrial automation components, tailored to meet diverse operational needs across sectors


Including solenoid valves, ball valves, and actuated valves.


Such as proximity sensors, photoelectric sensors, and pressure sensors.

Pneumatic Components

Like pneumatic cylinders, air compressors, and fittings.

Control Systems

Featuring programmable logic controllers (PLCs) and human-machine interfaces (HMIs).

Electrical Components

Including connectors, relays, and circuit breakers.


Including manual switches, limit switches, and emergency stop buttons.

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